Malawi Chairs - A Sustainable and Ethical Furniture Choice

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The demand for artisan-made products is on the rise due to consumer desire to support local businesses and sustainable practices. It’s easy to see why Malawi chairs—which are primes example of ethical consumerism—are growing in popularity.


Malawi is one of the world's least developed countries, but thanks to a plan devised in the late 70s for small-scale farmers to form local co-operatives, artisans have been given a sustainable income through cane weaving, preserving their cultural heritage and giving us the unique Malawi chair.


Malawi chairs have gained popularity among interior designers and decorators for their rustic yet stylish aesthetic, making them versatile pieces of furniture for various types of homes and spaces. Their popularity has led to the creation of similar designs, further promoting the value of ethical and sustainable consumerism.


Local Malawi artisans start the chair-making process by handcrafting and constructing a frame from the wood of a blue gum tree. This is a commonly used timber for construction and carpentry, renowned for its strength and dependability.


They then insert strips of dried willow and water reeds, giving the Malawian chairs their distinct pattern and providing an extra layer of comfort. The flexibility and strength of the willow and water reeds allow them to be knotted together without the use of glue.


To create the curved barrel backs, the locals have been cleverly inventive and made use of modern manufactured objects to aid in shaping the designs. The curved back is usually created using old bicycle wheels or car parts as a temporary frame to guide the willow branches and reeds into place. Once the handwoven Malawian chair is finished, the artisan leaves their signature underneath.


Malawi chairs from Eya Home living


Eya Home Living has a range of handcrafted artisan Malawi chairs, made with sustainable and ethical practices in mind. Passionate about our cause, we deliver design pieces that fuse the beauty of nature with African cultural influence to modern spaces.


Check out our collection today and see why we are the leading source for one-of-a-kind Malawi chairs. Ethically made in a fair working environment, these pieces will bring an authentic touch of Africa to any home. Who knew shopping could be so easy and do so much good? Be part of the movement. Purchase yours today and make a sustainable choice!

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