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Embark on a Journey of Artistic Expression with Eya's Wall Decor and Wall Art Collection


Transform Your Spaces with Unique Wall Decor

Discover a realm where style meets creativity, embellishing your rooms with our extensive collection of wall decor. Whether it's a touch of sophistication for your living room or a cosy ambience for your bedroom, our collection holds the essence to transform your spaces.


A Spectrum of African Decorative Pieces

Our wall decor collection unfolds a vibrant spectrum of African decorative wall baskets, shields, juju hats, sun circles and much more! Each piece, a reflection of the latest trends, is crafted to ensure your walls become the spectacle of every room.


Hassle-free Installation

No need for a DIY manual; our wall decor is designed for an effortless transformation. Hang your chosen piece with ease and revel in the fresh look it brings, be it a minimalist charm or a bold, colourful statement.


Exceptional Wall Art Decor by Eya Home Living

Eya presents a fusion of distinctive African craftsmanship with modern design in our wall art decor collection, an epitome of elegance, warmth and artistic flair, meticulously curated to match varied tastes.


Explore the Artistry of African-Inspired Wall Decor

Delve into a captivating range of African-inspired wall art decor, each piece handwoven by skilled artisans. The perfect blend of traditional techniques and modern aesthetics awaits to become a conversation starter in your home.


Seamless Installation, Instant Transformation

Not a DIY aficionado? No worries! Hang your chosen piece from our wall art decor collection and witness an instant transformation, catering to diverse styles from minimalist chic to vibrant and daring.


Embellish, Enhance, Experience

Adorn your walls with our wall art decor, harmonising with your home's unique character and ambience. As you traverse through our remarkable selection, find the perfect accent piece to breathe new life into your living spaces.


A Canvas of Culture and Beauty

Eya Home Living invites you to a world where walls are blank canvases waiting to be adorned with soulful creations. Our curated Wall Decor and Art collection celebrates the richness of African heritage, promising a journey of artistic expression.


Meticulous Craftsmanship, Premium Quality

Experience the meticulous craftsmanship and premium quality embodied in each work of art. Our rigorous quality standards ensure you're adding an enduring and exceptional piece to your collection.


Your Online Gateway to African Artistry

Navigate through the enchanting world of African-inspired artistry on our user-friendly website. Our seamless online shopping experience brings a gallery of beauty to your fingertips, letting your walls narrate tales of culture, creativity, and inspiration.


Eya Home Living: Where Every Wall Has A Story

Let the soul of Africa resonate through your living spaces with Eya Home Living's Wall Decor and Art collection. Celebrate the transformative magic of art, as your walls become a canvas for culture, creativity, and endless inspiration.