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Unveiling Comfort and Style: Living Room Furniture and Home Decor | Eya Home Living


Welcome to Your Living Space

Discover a realm of elegance with Eya Home Living's Living Room decor and furniture collection. Situated in vibrant Sandton, South Africa, we present a curated range of African Home Decor that infuses your living space with comfort and style.


Furniture: Your Comfort Haven

Our furniture pieces are more than mere essentials; they are an ode to African craftsmanship, offering both aesthetic appeal and utility. Dive into a collection where each piece resonates with the rich heritage of Africa.


Scatter Cushions & Cushion Covers: Touch of Softness

Add a splash of colour and texture with our assortment of scatter cushions and cushion covers. They are your perfect companions for a cosy evening at home.


Tables & Benches: Blend of Functionality

Our tables and benches are not just functional; they are a reflection of fine craftsmanship. Discover pieces that seamlessly blend with your living room decor, adding a hint of sophistication.


Lampshades: Casting Warmth

Illuminate your space with our diverse range of lampshades, crafted to cast a warm, inviting glow, turning every corner into a cosy nook.


Wall Baskets & Baskets: Traditional Meets Modern

Explore the charm of our wall baskets and storage baskets. They are a blend of tradition and modernity, offering both decorative and practical solutions.


Rugs: Underfoot Elegance

Step onto a layer of comfort with our selection of hide rugs. They are designed to add a warm, African feel to your living room while enhancing the overall decor.


Discover Your Style

We invite you to explore our user-friendly website, where a few clicks unveil a collection that transforms your living space. At Eya Home Living, we blend tradition with modernity, offering you a chance to infuse African artistry into your daily life.


Eya Home Living: Where every piece tells a story of African heritage and contemporary elegance.