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Dining Room Furniture and Decor Collection | Eya Home Living


Welcome to the Heart of Your Home

Embark on a journey of aesthetic delight with Eya Home Living's Dining Room decor and furniture collection. Located in lively Sandton, South Africa, our collection is a tribute to the rich African heritage, curated to enhance the dining experience of homeowners and business owners alike.


Furniture: A Symphony of Style

Our furniture range is a blend of function and form, bringing the timeless charm of African craftsmanship right to your dining space. Each table and chair is more than a piece of furniture; it's a conversation starter, a place where memories are made.


Plates: Dine with Distinction

Elevate your dining elegance with our exclusive range of under plates. Their unique designs reflect the essence of African culture, making every meal an occasion.


Lampshades: Luminary Grace

Illuminate your meals under the soft glow of our diverse lampshades. Designed to create an ambience of warmth and sophistication, they are the finishing touch to your dining room decor.


Wall Baskets & Baskets: Woven Wonder

Our wall baskets and storage baskets are a homage to traditional African weaving skills. They provide a mix of decorative appeal and practical utility, keeping your dining space organised and visually appealing.


Rugs: The Foundation of Finesse

Unroll a masterpiece underfoot with our selection of hide rugs. They bring a soft texture and visual interest, tying together all elements of your dining room.


Indulge in the Experience

Navigate through our user-friendly website to explore a collection that is as diverse as it is unique. At Eya Home Living, every item is a stroke of creativity, a step towards making your dining room a haven of style and comfort.


Eya Home Living: Where every meal becomes a memorable gathering amidst a setting of African-inspired elegance.