Our Top Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Wooden Wall Decorations

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Does your home feel too dreary and lifeless? Many homeowners focus so much on filling their floor space with furniture that they end up forgetting about an essential design element: the wall. An Accent Wall design is an integral aspect of home design, re-invigorate your living areas with wooden wall decorations


Wooden wall decorations - Creative ideas to add more personality to your home


Malawi Sun Circles

Do your walls look a little too flat? You can add some texture and bring a sense of depth to them with Malawi sun circles. Woven with tropical palm leaves, these wall decorations feature a dizzying spiral design reminiscent of the sun.

Malawi Sun Circles are statement pieces, which means they work great on their own. That said, you can mix and match different sizes or combine different colours to achieve the look you want.


Porcupine Wall Baskets

Want wall furniture that can make you feel at home? You can never go wrong with Zimbabwe’s porcupine wall baskets, inspired by the region’s traditional weaving techniques. 

Porcupine wall baskets are made with dried Ilala palm leaves and fully handwoven to give them their characteristically spiky texture. These decorations would make a beautiful addition to your living room or bedroom. 


Tonga Baskets

We love anything woven and It’s all in the details with  Tonga, also known as Binga baskets. The textural elements of the basket are elevated to new levels by the baskets line work and patterning. 

These wall decorations come in many different styles, so no two pieces are alike. The only thing you need to consider is your desired aesthetic. Coastal Luxe, Bush lodge, or even a boho farmhouse? African-inspired accessories and accents in home decor are experiencing a revival. Tonga or Binga baskets are handwoven in Zimbabwe and crafted from naturally dyed palm leaves. They’re a wonderful choice if you want to add more contrast and texture to your walls.

Wooden wall decorations can turn any interior into a warm and inviting living space. Make sure to buy your pieces from an experienced home design store offering high-quality handcrafted furniture online. Our customers are assured of gorgeous, handmade, globally sourced products of exceptional quality. With elements of natural tones and layers of texture, our extensive range is perfect for any space.

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