The Many Benefits of Using Candle Holders

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Candles bring warmth and help set the mood in any space. Plus, they provide a soothing atmosphere to help you relax. On top of this, they can be decorative elements for elevating the aesthetics of a room, especially when paired with the right candle holders.

Candle holders are not just accessories—they play an important role in both safety and aesthetics. Let’s explore the many advantages of using one.


Offering solid support for candles

Candle holders are designed to accommodate candles of various shapes, sizes, and designs. Whether you have tall tapers or small tealights, there is a holder that can provide the perfect support. These holders prevent candles from leaning or falling over, reducing the risk of accidents or fires. Shop Eya Home Living's Candle Holders and Votives


Candle Holders


A safer option compared to plates or paper

A good quality candle holder offers a more secure base compared to simply placing the candle on a plate or piece of paper. These holders are designed to ensure that your candle stays in place, minimising the risk of it tipping over and causing a fire or burn injury. Using candle holders not only helps ensure safety but also keeps melted wax from ruining your furniture.


Easier cleaning and maintenance

Hot, melted wax is a hassle to clean. That’s where candle holders—especially votive types—come in handy. They contain the wax, helping you avoid the cumbersome task of cleaning spilt wax off surfaces.


Elevating your decor

Incorporating candles into your living space already offers a cosy and inviting ambience. Candle holders can amplify this effect, transforming ordinary candles into a decorative statement. You can either cluster several holders together for a striking visual impact or choose a single, elaborate holder to serve as a table centrepiece.


Candle Holders


Enhancing the visual appeal of your candles

A simple candle can become a focal point when placed in an ornate holder. Some holders are even designed to diffuse the candle's light in unique patterns, creating a magical atmosphere in the room.


Where to find the perfect candle holders

If you're in the market for candle holders, check out our candle holders collection at Eya Home Living. We offer a range of options, including authentic African candle holders and votives that can turn your living space into a sanctuary. Want a special deal? Sign up for our newsletter and receive a 5% discount on your first purchase!


Candle Holders

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