Home Furniture: Top Picks For Every Room in 2024

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Top Home Furniture Picks for Every Room from Eya Home Living

In our quest to make our homes a reflection of our unique tastes and values, we've stumbled upon a gem that marries modern design with the rich tapestry of African craftsmanship: Eya Home Living. This online store isn't just another furniture retailer; it's a gateway to exploring home furniture pieces that tell a story, pieces that are as much about art as they are about function.

At Eya Home Living, the selection is curated with an eye for detail, quality, and sustainability, ensuring that each piece not only beautifies your space but also supports ethical manufacturing practices. We're excited to share our top picks from their collection, selections that promise to transform your living spaces into havens of comfort and style. Join us as we delve into the world of home furniture that stands out for all the right reasons.

Key Takeaways

  • Eya Home Living Showcases Unique Furniture that combines modern design with African craftsmanship, offering pieces that are as functional as they are artistic, reflecting unique tastes and promoting ethical manufacturing.
  • Importance of Choosing the Right Furniture cannot be overstated, impacting comfort, functionality, and personal style, while also being an investment in sustainability and quality craftsmanship.
  • Trend Towards Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Furniture is growing, with an emphasis on materials, production processes, design, and certifications that support environmental consciousness in 2024 and beyond.
  • Selecting the Best Furniture for Your Home involves evaluating space, needs, and design preferences, with Eya Home Living providing options that balance aesthetics with functionality for personalised living environments.
  • Top Picks for Bedroom and Living Spaces from Eya Home Living illustrate the blend of beauty, functionality, and sustainability, highlighting pieces like the Malawi Sun Circle Headboard and the Rattan Stool - Urchin White.
  • Care and Maintenance of Home Furniture are crucial for longevity and preserving aesthetic appeal, with tips provided for different materials including wood, rattan, resin, and bone, ensuring durability and continued style.

Understanding Home Furniture Basics

Continuing from Eya Home Living's unique online store which showcases the blend of modern design with African craftsmanship, let's delve into home furniture basics. This online store not only highlights the importance of choosing the right furniture but also showcases a variety of types to cater to every room's need.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it impacts the comfort and functionality of your living space. Furniture that is well-chosen can transform an ordinary room into a welcoming and comfortable area. Furthermore, the right furniture reflects your personal style and aesthetic preferences. It's about finding pieces that not only fit your space physically but also complement your home's character. Lastly, quality furniture is an investment. Selecting durable and sustainable pieces from stores like Eya Home Living ensures that your furniture will last, supporting ethical manufacturing practices and reducing the need to replace items frequently.

Different Types of Home Furniture

Home furniture varies widely, catering to different rooms and purposes within your home. Eya Home Living offers top picks for different areas of the home, demonstrating the variety available.

For the living room, key pieces include:

  • Tables: Their Wooden Side Tables not only serve a functional purpose but also add a touch of elegance and warmth to your living room.
  • Chairs/Benches: Offering comfort and style, the Rattan Stool - Urchin White, and Moroccan Resin & Bone Side Tables bring unique textures and designs into the room.

In the dining room:

  • Tables: The same care and craftsmanship extend to the dining area, with tables designed to gather family and guests in a welcoming environment.
  • Chairs/Benches: Matching or complementary chairs and benches, like the ones found in their collection, ensure a cohesive look while providing comfort during meals.

For the bedroom, selections include:

  • Malawi Sun Circle Headboard: This piece makes a statement with its intricate design, instantly becoming the room's focal point.
  • Malawi Cane Bench: Perfect for adding seating without compromising on style, it fits well at the end of a bed.
  • Bamileke Tables - Brown: Ideal for use as nightstands, these tables add functionality and a hint of African artistry to the bedroom.

Understanding the basics of home furniture involves recognising the importance of selecting the right pieces and knowing the different types available to suit various rooms. Eya Home Living offers an excellent array of options that blend modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring that every piece not only enhances your home but also reflects ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Trends in Home Furniture for 2024

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Furniture

Sustainability and eco-friendliness stand at the forefront of 2024's home furniture trends, mirroring a global shift towards environmental consciousness. As consumers increasingly prioritise sustainability, furniture designers and manufacturers are responding with innovative solutions that both reduce environmental impact and deliver on style and functionality. These trends not only reflect a move towards greener living spaces but also signal a lasting change in the furniture industry's approach to production and design.

Materials: The use of sustainable materials is a key trend, with recycled metals, reclaimed wood, and bio-based fabrics becoming more prevalent in furniture production. These materials not only reduce waste and decrease the depletion of natural resources but also offer unique textures and finishes that enhance the aesthetic appeal of home furniture.

Production Processes: Eco-friendly production processes are gaining traction, with manufacturers investing in renewable energy sources and adopting practices that minimise carbon footprint. This includes reducing emissions, conserving water, and using non-toxic finishes, ensuring that the furniture not only looks good but is also better for the planet.

Designs: Sustainable furniture design is evolving, with a focus on durability and timeless appeal to discourage the throwaway culture associated with fast furniture. Modular designs that allow for customisation and adaptability are becoming increasingly popular, offering a sustainable option for consumers looking to update their interiors without purchasing entirely new pieces.

In 2024, the embrace of sustainable and eco-friendly furniture is more than a trend; it's a reflection of a broader societal move towards sustainability. As we continue to witness these changes, it's clear that eco-consciousness in furniture design and production is not just a passing phase but a fundamental shift in how we think about and interact with our living spaces.

How to Select the Best Furniture for Your Home

Selecting the best home furniture involves understanding the importance of comfort, style, and investment value, as we've experienced with Eya Home Living's offerings. Following our exploration of emerging trends and sustainable practices in home furniture, it's crucial to dive deeper into how to choose pieces that not only reflect these aspects but also integrate seamlessly into your personal space. Let's navigate through essential factors to consider.

Assessing Your Space and Needs

Evaluating your living space plays a pivotal role in home furniture selection. We recommend starting by measuring your rooms carefully to determine the size of furniture that will fit without overcrowding the space. Consider the functionality of each piece, ensuring it serves your lifestyle—whether you prioritise hosting, relaxation, or something entirely unique. For instance, the Malawi Sun Circle Headboard brings a touch of elegance to bedrooms catering to relaxation and style, while the Malawi Cane Bench offers versatile seating, ideal for both bedroom and living room areas.

Colour and Style Considerations

Colour and style are just as important as the functional aspect of home furniture. They should complement the room's existing aesthetic or help you establish a desired theme. Eya Home Living's pieces, with their blend of modern design and African craftsmanship, offer unique styles that can become focal points or seamlessly integrate with your current decor. The Bamileke Tables, with their intricate designs and rich brown tones, add a striking cultural element to any room. For those seeking a contemporary look with a touch of tradition, the Rattan Stool - Urchin White and Moroccan Resin & Bone Side Table offer distinctive textures and designs that can lighten up spaces while adding character.

When selecting home furniture, it’s essential we balance aesthetics with functionality, ensuring each piece serves a purpose while enhancing the overall look and feel of our homes. With thoughtful consideration of our space, needs, and design preferences, we can create inviting and personalised environments that reflect our unique tastes and lifestyles.

Our Top 3 Furniture Picks for the Bedroom

In selecting our bedroom furniture, we consider not only the aesthetic appeal but also the craftsmanship and the story behind each piece. Eya Home Living provides us with unique options that perfectly align with these values, especially when considering home furniture that adds character and warmth to spaces. Let's delve into our top three picks for the bedroom.

Malawi Sun Circle Headboard

Imported directly from Malawi, the Sun Circle Headboard is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a statement. Crafted with unwavering attention to detail, this headboard brings the warmth of the African sun right into your bedroom. The circular design, reminiscent of the radiant African sun, is not only visually striking but also symbolises life and energy, promising to infuse your room with a sense of vitality and positivity. It's made from natural materials, ensuring sustainability and adding an earthy touch to your decor. Ideal for those who seek to combine style with substance, the Sun Circle Headboard transforms any bedroom into a sanctuary of peace and warmth.

Malawi Cane Bench

Another gem imported from Malawi, the Cane Bench, stands out for its blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Made from high-quality natural cane, this bench showcases the intricate weaving skills of Malawian artisans. Its sturdy, yet elegant construction offers both functionality and a visually appealing element to the bedroom. The natural material provides a soft, earthy vibe, seamlessly integrating with various design themes from minimalistic to boho chic. Whether used as a statement piece or a functional item at the foot of your bed, the Malawi Cane Bench adds a touch of authenticity and elegance to any bedroom setting.

Bamileke Tables

Concluding our list, the Bamileke Tables celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Cameroon. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship, these tables are carved from a single piece of wood, making each table unique. The intricate patterns and designs etched into the surface reflect the traditional Bamileke art, offering a piece that's full of history and character. Available in dark brown, these tables provide a versatile and functional addition to your bedroom, serving as bedside tables that perfectly complement our Malawi-inspired picks. Their robust construction and timeless design ensure that they're not just tables but heirlooms that will enhance your home's aesthetic for years to come.

By choosing these pieces for your bedroom, you're not just furnishing your space; you're embracing a global aesthetic that celebrates the beauty of African craftsmanship and the warmth of natural materials. Eya Home Living's selection of home furniture truly brings uniqueness and style to any bedroom.

Our Top 3 Furniture Picks for the Living and Dining Room

Building on the exploration of bedroom pieces, we now turn our attention to curating an exceptional living and dining space. Eya Home Living, with its focus on African craftsmanship, sustainability, and modern design, offers unique pieces that are not only functional but also embody storytelling through their materials and craftsmanship. Here, we delve into our top three picks for enhancing your living and dining room with unparalleled style and quality.

Rattan Stool

Our first recommendation, the Rattan Stool - Urchin White, presents an extraordinary blend of comfort and design. Derived from sustainably sourced rattan, this piece embodies the art of African craftsmanship. Its lightweight yet sturdy structure makes it a versatile addition to any living area, perfect for offering additional seating or serving as an eye-catching accent piece. The intricate weave pattern not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also demonstrates the meticulous attention to detail characteristic of Eya Home Living's offerings. This stool, available at eyahomeliving.co.za, ensures durability and sustainability, making it a wise investment for eco-conscious homeowners aiming to infuse natural elements into their home furniture collection.

Wooden Side Tables

Next, we spotlight the Wooden Side Tables, a testament to the timeless beauty and natural warmth of wood. These tables, crafted from high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, reflect the essence of African artisanship. Their robust design guarantees longevity, while the unique wooden grain of each piece offers a distinct charm, ensuring no two tables are exactly alike. Ideal for the living room or dining area, they serve as the perfect platforms for your decorative items or as a convenient spot for your evening cup of tea. Available at eyahomeliving.co.za, these side tables not only add a touch of elegance to your space but also stand as symbols of sustainable luxury.

Moroccan Resin & Bone Inlay Side Table

Lastly, the Moroccan Resin & Bone Inlay Side Table merges the opulence of Moroccan design with the intricacy of African craftsmanship. Each table is a masterpiece, with handcrafted bone inlays set against a backdrop of smooth resin, offering a stunning visual contrast. This piece not only elevates the decor of any room but also introduces a slice of Moroccan culture into your home. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the rigours of daily use, making it both a practical and picturesque addition to your living or dining room. Found at eyahomeliving.co.za, this side table is for those who appreciate the beauty of global craftsmanship and desire to add a luxurious yet ethical touch to their home furniture collection.

In our journey through Eya Home Living's diverse range, these three pieces stand out for their ability to transform living and dining spaces with their beauty, functionality, and sustainable values. Each item, from the Rattan Stool to the Moroccan Resin & Bone Inlay Side Table, represents a careful selection of home furniture that embraces modern design while honouring traditional African craftsmanship.

Care and Maintenance of Home Furniture

Regular Cleaning and Care Tips

Caring for home furniture ensures its longevity and maintains its aesthetic appeal. Each piece, from the Malawi Sun Circle Headboard to the Moroccan Resin & Bone Side Table, requires specific care to preserve its unique materials and craftsmanship. For wooden furniture, such as our Wooden Side Tables, we recommend regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth to prevent dust accumulation. Avoid using water directly on the surface to prevent warping or damage to the wood. For pieces incorporating rattan, like the Rattan Stool - Urchin White, a gentle vacuuming with a brush attachment helps remove dust without damaging the fibres.

Materials such as resin and bone in our Moroccan Resin & Bone Side Table necessitate gentle cleaning with a damp cloth, followed by immediate drying. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the intricate inlay work. The Malawi Cane Bench, featuring natural cane, benefits from occasional wiping with a mild soap solution to remove grime, ensuring the material stays robust and vibrant.

Dealing with Wear and Tear

Over time, home furniture can show signs of wear and tear, which, if addressed promptly, can be minimised or repaired. For wooden pieces, minor scratches can often be mitigated using a colour-matched wood marker or wax. Placing furniture away from direct sunlight and heat sources prevents fading and cracking, ensuring the Wooden Side Tables and the Bamileke Tables - Brown retain their rich hues and structural integrity.

Rattan furniture, showcased in our Rattan Stool - Urchin White, may require occasional tightening of screws to maintain stability, and exposure to too much moisture should be avoided to prevent mould growth and structural damage. In the case of resin and bone furniture, protecting surfaces from heavy objects and sharp edges helps preserve the meticulous craftsmanship of pieces like the Moroccan Resin & Bone Side Table.

By incorporating these care and maintenance strategies, you'll ensure your home furniture not only stands the test of time but continues to add unparalleled style and African craftsmanship to your space. We believe in the value of investing in quality furniture and taking the necessary steps to maintain its beauty and functionality for years to come.


We've explored the exquisite range and significance of choosing the right furniture with Eya Home Living, where modern meets African craftsmanship. Embracing sustainable trends is not just about style but also about making responsible choices for our homes and the planet. By selecting pieces like the Rattan Stool or the Moroccan Resin & Bone Inlay Side Table, we're investing in quality, sustainability, and unique design. Moreover, understanding the care and maintenance of such furniture ensures that its beauty and functionality remain intact over time. Let's cherish and maintain these pieces with the respect they deserve, ensuring they grace our homes for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eya Home Living?

Eya Home Living is an online store specialising in modern furniture that showcases African craftsmanship, focusing on the importance of detail, quality, and sustainability in their pieces.

Why is choosing the right furniture important?

Selecting the right furniture is crucial for comfort, style, and ensuring your pieces are a valuable investment for your home, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your living spaces.

What are the emerging trends in sustainable home furniture for 2024?

The emerging trends for sustainable home furniture in 2024 include the use of natural materials, artisan-crafted pieces, and a focus on sustainability, showcasing products like the Rattan Stool - Urchin White, which embody these principles.

What are the top furniture picks for bedrooms?

Top furniture picks for bedrooms feature unique craftsmanship and sustainable materials, such as the Malawi Sun Circle Headboard, known for its comfort and stylish design.

How can one maintain and care for home furniture?

To maintain and care for home furniture, one should regularly clean the pieces according to the material they are made of, protect them from sunlight and moisture, and address wear and tear, like minor scratches, promptly to preserve their beauty and longevity.

What strategies can be used to deal with wear and tear on furniture?

Strategies for managing wear and tear on furniture include using protective coverings, keeping furniture away from direct sunlight, and employing proper cleaning techniques specific to the furniture material to prevent damage and ensure its longevity.

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