How to decorate your room wall

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A blank wall in your room is not just an empty space, it's a canvas waiting to be adorned. It's an opportunity to express your personality, tell your story, and add a unique touch to your living space. From a busy room in need of some visual balance, to a minimalist space seeking a splash of creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Don't feel daunted by the prospect of filling that canvas. There's a world of wall decor ideas out there, from traditional posters and artwork to more unconventional options. And remember, you're not limited to store-bought pieces. Why not explore creating your own accent wall or using textured fabric wall hangings? With an open mind, your wall decor can go far beyond the basic gallery wall.

So, let's delve into the art of decorating your room wall, transforming it from a blank slate into a reflection of you.

Key Takeaways

  • Your room wall is a canvas for expression, not just an empty space. Embrace this and adopt a style that truly reflects your personality.

  • With wall décor, the basics matter. Choosing a universally complimentary wall color such as Piranesi Pink can provide a great backdrop for various decor schemes.

  • Incorporate depth and warmth in your room with wall panels. Not only do they add dimension, but they also enrich the room's overall aesthetic.

  • Make a statement with your wall décor. Use bold wallpaper, vibrant paintings, or even wall baskets to create eye-catching focal points in your room.

  • Stay in line with current trends. Incorporate new design elements like lacquered walls or mosaic designs to keep your décor contemporary.

  • Lastly, upkeep is key. Regularly inspect your wall decor for damage, clean consistently, and vary your accessories often to keep your wall looking fresh and visually appealing.

Understanding Wall Decor Basics

EYA home living wall baskets

Optimising wall décor begins with a comprehensive grasp of the basics. This encompasses the choice of colour and the strategic placement of decorative pieces. For instance, consider the pale hue of Piranesi Pink. It's a roughly flesh-coloured, peach-leaning pink. Its softness emerges from the inclusion of yellow pigments which reflect the classical style of its namesake Italian printmaker Giovanni Piranesi. Such timeless, universally complimentary colours lend themselves to myriad decoration schemes.

There's truth in the concept of depth being an enriching addition to a room. A practical example: wall panelling in a bedroom. Inclusion of panels allows walls to showcase a semblance of depth, thereby veering from the flat. Panel additions do more than simply enhance depth; they also impart warmth to a room's décor scheme.

Wallpaper, in patterned or bold forms, creates dramatic visual focus, lessening the reliance on additional decorative items. When the walls introduce such dynamic design elements, it empowers quasi-synchronised schemes to emerge. Incorporating diverse patterns in elements—like bedding, furniture, and lampshades—enhances the overall design, as shown in designs by Ben Pentreath for Morris & Co.

For smaller spaces, such as a narrow living room corner, wallpaper and artwork play crucial roles. Vibrant, eye-catching works of art or bold wallpaper transform overlooked areas into design statements. Inject personality into such spaces: bright photographs, for instance, add a breezy, summery vibe, while statement pieces, such as an intriguing light fixture, create areas of interest.

The key takeaway here: wall décor is more than merely hanging images or pasting paper. It's about cohesive thinking, tying all elements together to create a space that's true to your aesthetic. From wallpaper to wall baskets, the styles and materials available are vast. Opt for one that best showcases your personality and your room's functionality. It's not a one-size-fits-all task—it's a look into your passions and personal style.

Choosing the Right Decor for Your Walls

Selecting the perfect decor for your walls can be a game-changer when designing a room. Here's an exploration of some ideas that'll make your walls pop.

Monochromatic Themes - The art of using shades of one colour to design a space cannot be underestimated. Opt for a light neutral or perhaps your favourite colour for three walls. The furnishings and decor can then feature brighter or lighter shades of that same colour. The twist? Designate a wall, preferably a blank one, to showcase radiant jewel tones. Let it stand alone, add sconces, artificial flowers, or consider a focal light. This play of monochromatic and vivid colours creates a chic, modern look.

Lights - They're not just for Christmas! Lights play a significant role in transforming a room's ambience. On your blank wall, arrange lights of different sizes and colours in a pattern - consider the shape of a heart, a star, or an initial to personalise your space. It turns into a bright, lively wall art that twinkles.

Bold Statements - Think eye-catching wallpaper or a breezy diptych. One surefire way to liven up a cramped corner or a dull entry wall is to cover it with bold statements. An oversized photograph or an art piece does the trick. It creates visual interest without compromising the room's vibe.

Fabric - A handwoven carpet, rug, or a handcrafted wall hanging can serve as a unique backdrop to elements in your room. Consider them as an addition to your wall decor collection.

Wall Baskets - Highly popular in South African decor, wall baskets are an exquisite way to add texture while creating a free-flowing aesthetic. Their range of sizes and patterns play off each other revolutionising your space.

Regardless of choice, the decor you opt for is an opportunity to put your personality on display on your wall. Remember, it's all about creating a coherent, eye-catching and unique design that aligns with your style.

Incorporating Wall Baskets for a Unique Look

EYA home living wall basket

Add an unconventional dimension to your wall decor, one that boasts of character and allure. That dimension, surprisingly, lies in the realm of wall baskets — the handwoven kind, often relegated to garage sales and dusty attics.

Wall baskets, with their rich textures and intriguing patterns, can bestow upon your interiors the charm of a salon-style installation. They add layers to your room, creating a visually fulfilling design far from the mundane.

When you're feeling the need for a change in wall decor, view it through the prism of wall baskets. Transcend beyond traditional artworks, and embrace the chic aesthetic of these baskets. A Canadian home, in its modern day interiors, demonstrates this strikingly, showcasing the finesse that wall baskets lend to a room in a salon-style arrangement.

Dressing up your wall with these baskets doesn't purely denote aesthetic enhancement. It's about breathing vitality into your space, embodying warm elements of boho or rustic chic design, depending on your taste. Make your choice from a variety of baskets, with size, colour, and pattern preferences totally left to your discretion.

In your search for that perfect room decor, bear in mind the versatility of wall baskets. Every basket can narrate a story, be a work of art on your wall. Thus, when you explore how to decorate your room wall, a superbly curated collection of wall baskets might just be your perfect answer.

Spur your creativity by blending these baskets with your existing decor. By embracing irregularities and asymmetries, merge them into a visually appealing, cohesive whole. So step out of the boxed-up frames and prints, bring home a little whimsy with these unique wall baskets. It's time your walls enjoyed an eclectic edge, with baskets finding a well-deserved place in your beautifully curated art gallery.

Your room wall is a perfect canvas to reflect your aesthetic sense, personality, and individual style. When considering how to decorate your room wall, remember: the current trends go far beyond paint and wallpapers, they're all about playing with textures, anomalies, and striking colours.

Imagine a pink shade as luminous as the Piranesi Pink, inspired by the reverence of the Italian printmaker, Giovanni Piranesi, for classical antiquity and masonry. This dusty peach-leaning pink, imbued with yellow pigments, imparts a soft, almost flesh-like texture suggestive of setting plaster. As a timeless colour, it serves as a universally complimentary backdrop for your wall decor.

Speaking of anomalies, consider the compelling charm of bedroom wall panels. Paneling adds character to your room, infusing an alluring sense of depth, dimension, and warmth into your decor scheme.

Embrace features that are more than mere wall-fillers. For instance, patterned wallpaper can transform your room’s appeal by integrating with design elements such as bedding, furniture, and lampshades.

Other trends worth exploring comprise lacquered walls, wall art, and textural wallcoverings. Consider how Milanese designer Fabrizio Casiraghi utilised a custom green lacquer across a Parisian loft's walls, or how designer Jacques Grange replaced blank walls with fascinating resin wall art in a Portugal home.

Patterned Schumacher wallcoverings in designer Ramsey Lyons's Pittsburgh home have elevated his upstairs kitchen into a maximalist garden. Meanwhile, Augusta Hoffman introduced a chic dimension to her Manhattan bedroom with a tweedish Phillip Jeffries wallcovering.

Lastly, don't neglect the allure of wall baskets. Highly trendy, they repurpose your wall decor by introducing rich textures and reimagine the space with a fresh perspective. So, embark on your room's transformation and remain amiable to new shifts and turns in this voyage. Wall decor, after all, is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

Maintaining and Refreshing Your Wall Decor

To keep your wall decor engaging, updating it periodically becomes crucial. Trends may change, styles may evolve, but your wall's charm can persist with a timely refresh. Here's how you can maintain and refresh your room's wall decor effectively while ensuring it never loses its appeal.

  1. Inspect Regularly: Keep an eye on your wall decor. Regular checks can help spot damage or wear caused by moisture, light or ambient dust. From chipped paint, faded wallpapers to loose wall panels, stay vigilant about potential deteriorations.

  2. Clean Consistently: Dust and grime can harm your decor’s aesthetic appeal. Regular cleaning, using tools gentle on your decor, remains crucial.

  3. Vary Wall Accessories: Changing wall accessories like picture frames, mirrors, or wall baskets can provide your wall decor with an instant makeover. Temporary changes such as these allow your layout to adjust with changing moods and seasons.

  4. Update Colours and Designs: What may have looked appealing six months ago may seem dated today. Updating colours and designs forms a sure-fire way of keeping wall decor fresh. A switch from pastel to vibrant shades, for instance, can alter a room's mood entirely. And who says you need to stick to paint? Consider using patterned wallpapers to enliven your wall.

  5. Experiment with Textures: Add depth to your walls with textures. Paneling and textured hangings can work wonders in creating character and warmth. For instance, bedroom wall panels can give your room a unique, refreshing look whilst simultaneously enhancing the perceived space.

  6. Reflect Current Trends: Stay informed about current interior design trends. Be it lacquered walls, wall baskets, or mosaic designs, incorporating the latest design elements helps keep your wall decor looking contemporary and engaging.

By following the above steps, you can ensure your wall decor remains aesthetically appealing and up-to-date. Remember, maintaining your wall decor is as important as how you initially decorated your room wall. Whether you're a decorating novice or a seasoned pro, keep these pointers in mind to keep your wall decor ever-inspiring.

So, you've navigated the exciting world of wall decor, explored the myriad of options, and understood the importance of keeping your space fresh and engaging. You've learnt that your walls can be a canvas for your personality, whether through bold colours, textured fabrics, or innovative wall panels. You've seen how trends can inspire your choices, and how regular maintenance can extend the life and appeal of your decor. Now it's time to let your creativity loose. Remember, there's no right or wrong in decoration - it's all about what feels right for you. So go ahead, start experimenting, and create a space that truly reflects who you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should every wall in a bedroom be decorated?

Designers agree that decorating every wall isn't necessary in a home. The goal of interior design is ensuring harmonious visual balance. This sometimes means adorning every wall with decor, while other times, simplicity is more effective with empty wall spaces.

What colours look good on bedroom walls?

For small bedrooms, lighter shades such as off-white, light grey, and bright neutral paint hues work best. However, there's no reason you can't opt for colours such as blue or green if they better suit your personality and aesthetic preferences.

How to choose wall decor for a bedroom?

Consider opting for less traditional decor like tapestries or wall hangings with patterns and textures that make you feel comfortable and secure. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

How to dress up a wall?

Dressing up a wall can range from using unique textured wallpaper and wall panels to hanging vibrant pieces of art. You could also experiment with an accent wall in a contrasting colour or use fabric hangings to add a cosy touch to your space.

How to decorate a room with simple things?

Simple decor items like framed prints, photo tiles, and quote art make a big impact. Don't forget about a string light photo wall, candles, tabletop photo prints, or even functional items like cutting boards and coasters as part of your room's decor.

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