How to Use Wall Art Décor in 2023

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Is your wall looking and feeling a little bare? The right wall art décor will help you transform and turn it into a lively attraction to improve your interiors. Wall art can refresh your interior decor, restore your space, and add more character to your room. If you’re unsure which pieces to get and hang on your wall, this guide is for you.

Soft curved and circular shapes

Round and curved wall art decorations are trendy this 2023, but choose those made of natural materials to make a statement. Line a few Tonga or Binga baskets horizontally to draw attention to the wall. They also make great ornamental accents when they add earthy, warm tones and textures to your space to create a contemporary and rustic aesthetic.

Something quirky

Looking for something unusual? Try sun circles or baskets as your wall art décor, or find porcupine wall baskets. If you are hanging minimalist décor, create some contrast with Juju Hats, which can be the focal point of your design or a base to create a stunning gallery wall.

Go bold

Do you want your wall to turn heads? Hang bolder pieces like a wooden African Cameroon warrior shield. It comes in different designs and patterns that can bring more depth and dimension to your wall. Finish the look with a handcrafted African Beaded King Shield or an African Beaded Shield.

Mix and match

Do you have contemporary or modern wall art décor? Combine them with traditional pieces to bring more character to your space.

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