Top Ideas for Malawi Chairs

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While Malawi chairs may initially seem best suited for Bohemian or summer-inspired interiors, they are actually versatile for any living space when properly styled. The chair's natural woven aesthetic and sophisticated craftsmanship can infuse an appealing charm even in the most modern of rooms. Whether you're looking to buy a Malawi chair as a statement piece or simply as extra seating in a cosy corner, it can effortlessly blend into any setting with the right styling. If you're in need of some inspiration on how to achieve this, the following ideas should guide you in the right direction:


A Malawi chair can make a statement in your bedroom but keep it clutter-free so it can stand out. Instead of piling clothes and other things on it, accessorise with a colourful cushion and hang a throw over the backrest to make it the best place to sit to relax for your me-time.


Malawi chairs can complement your sofa with their different textures and materials. For a casual-chic aesthetic, place upholstered cushion bases following your lounge’s colour scheme. Or choose scatter cushions in bright, complementary colours. No matter your choice, the result will be a comfortable space where you can spend time relaxing with loved ones.

Dining room

The dining room is easily the best place for Malawi chairs to be! They are perfect alternatives to traditional upholstered and wooden seating if you want a casual feel for your dining space. Choose chairs in a colour that matches your dining table, or pick a contrasting hue.


Is your hallway looking a bit dull? A Malawi chair can create a focal point and make that space more functional. If there’s more room, add a small side table, a potted plant, quirky ornaments, or colourful artwork.


You can hardly go wrong with a Malawi chair if you want a cosier patio or gazebo. Complement it with a large glass table and an outdoor sofa to provide additional seating, and use greenery like standing plants to fill any space.

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